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Reclaimed teak or recycled teak collection in this section is come from creativity process inspired from hidden unique architectural art around us. We see that some of character shapes from building and things have a great potential signature of our design. We also see the potential of this beautifully naturally weathered old teak wood to use as our raw material.Wood that once supported the structure of a home is now worn out, filled with nails, cracks, holes, and chipped paint. This natural character of the wood is made our design strength even we exposed this natural flaws. Our skilled craftsmen’s carefully remove nails and hinges, by their masterful hands, the wood comes alive again in individually created furnishings that will last for years and make every pieces is uniqueThe small nail holes, residual paint ,cracks or old joints recalls stories of the wood’s and become strong character of each our product. Enjoy your browsing to our website with full selection of reclaimed or recycled teak collection consist of recycled teak dining room sets and recycled teak living room sets